Although the Open Water course covers the fundamentals of diving, many people still do not feel super comfortable underwater. In fact the idea of going off with their buddy without a professional feels like an impossible task. When is comes to continuing dive education, the focus should always be on improving your skills, not racking up numbers of dives or destinations. At Frank’s all of our specialty certifications are designed to hone your skills and grow as a diver.

If it has been some time since your last dive and your we recommend a refresher course to update your scuba skills. If you are not sure where your SSI certification card is, please register with SSI HERE and then give us a call to get a replacement card.

Have you ever asked yourself, ” How does my instructor manage to find the way back to the exit point or the boat?” To become a safe and confident diver, it is critical to develop an understanding of navigation. You will learn how to navigate with a compass, and how to apply natural navigation skills, estimate distances, navigate different search patterns, find your way to marking points, and be able to get back to the exit point.

“NIGHT DIVING means excitement, adventure and fascination all at the same time!
Whether it s day or night, limited visibility can be an adventure. Just because the visibility is limited doesn t mean the opportunities have to be. This program is filled with information about planning and conducting night and limited visibility dives for fun, adventure, and exploration.

Make diving a year-round activity by learning the basics of using a dry suit.
The Dry Suit Diving program will teach you how to select and properly use your personally fitted dry suit. Aside from your comfort underwater, proper insulation and protection is also important for your safety.

Your Total Diving System is like a buddy underwater who you need to be able to rely on at any time.
You will learn about equipment selection best suited for you, care and maintenance of your equipment, and how to properly store it; to ensure performance and extend the lifetime of your equipment.

Have you ever wanted to extend your bottom time and shorten your surface interval? 
You no longer have to make a choice between safety and longer dive times – nitrox is the key. Enrolling in SSI´s most popular specialty program will teach you everything you need to know about Enriched Air Nitrox. This program is also a prerequisite for getting involved in Technical Diving.

“PERFECT BUOYANCY CONTROL is the first step for every diver wants to be a “good diver.” 
Proper buoyancy control can only be mastered with proper training. The Perfect Buoyancy program will improve your swimming position and reduce your effort which will lead to less air consumption. In addition, proper buoyancy control is the best skill for environmental protection.

Key Benefits: Effective buddy team and safer diver, prerequisite for Master Diver 
Be prepared for those unexpected emergencies. The Diver Stress & Rescue program will teach you about accident prevention and how to handle situations that might occur. You will learn how to avoid, recognize, and solve problems on the surface and underwater. Enhance your safety!

Must have CPR & First Aid plus Emergency Oxygen Certification before completion of Stress & Rescue Course.

Course includes: Stress and Rescue digital course materials, Rescue Slate and  Neurology Slate and training dives.

Recommended: Pocket Mask and a First Aid Kit.

A main component of being a responsible diver is practice. The refresher course allows you to review skills, assemble your gear & ask our friendly dive instructors any questions you may have.