Need some equipment for an upcoming scuba dive or dive trip?


 We believe that even if you don’t own all of your own diving equipment you should be able to rent good quality, high performance scuba gear. Our dive rental locker is upgraded regularly, so you can count on renting reliable equipment every time you come in.

The majority of the scuba equipment you rent from us comes from Aqua Lung, a trusted name in diving since the beginning!  When you rent from Franks Underwater Sports you can have the peace of mind that an experienced dive professional has prepared your gear with your utmost safety in concern. We ask that you clean all gear before returning it. If you don’t have time, no problem, we’ll complete the cleaning for $25.


Tank – $15
BCD – $15
Regulator with gauges – $20
Weights – $4


Tank – $90
BCD – $90
Regulator with gauges – $120
Weights – $24