Have you ever wanted to extend your bottom time and shorten your surface interval?  The Enriched Air and NITROX course is just what you’re looking for. NITROX has become and will be the wave of the future for recreational divers. But it also requires more intensive preparation and planning. In your Open Water Course you learned basic physics and physiology of diving. This course will allow you to build on that knowledge and make you a safer diver. The benefits of NITROX will decrease your Nitrogen absorption and permit a longer dive. This course could be the first step into the realm of technical diving or yearn to prolong your customary dive plan.  Three parts to this course are Home study, Classroom and Nitrox dive.  Recommend Nitrox computer

Cost: $150 includes Nitrox book, Nitrox Combined Dive Table, EAD Table, Oxygen Table

Check our calendar below to see when the next class starts!!

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